Our Management

Lenny Taylor,

Youth Development Director

For more than 30 years Lenny Taylor has been impacting the development of young Soccer players in the USA and the Caribbean. Lenny has established himself as a Coach. That focus on Youth Development programs that build fantastic players by not just Improving their Football skills but also expanding their theoretical knowledge of the game.
Lenny’s work has it been limited to just the Youth’s but he has worked in the capacity
Of Head College Coach, Head Coach of the Senior National Team of St. Vincent and
The Grenadines and Technical Director of St.Kitts/Nevis Football Association.

Lenny is the holder of a United States Soccer Federation A License.
F A International Coaching License (UEFA B ) equivalent.
F A Elite Player Development Certificate
FIFA Instructor.

Lenny believes his training principles are a preparation for Life and encourages dispelling of old unsuccessful ways.Building from the ground up and seizing the
Opportunity to appreciate what it takes to play internationally.

Lenny has trained over 10,000 D,E and F License Coaches in the United States and the Caribbean since 1978 to present.