Our Management

Chris Anderson,

Chairman /CFO, Managing Director

Chris is a former professional footballer who retired very early in his playing career through an ankle and groin serious injury and has since worked in various advisory capacity in football across the globe in the last 33 years. He holds four (4) different MSc, From the University of Toronto, Canada including a MBA, and Forensic Auditing Hon’s He is currently pursuing a double PHD at the Walden University, Baltimore Maryland, USA. Chris is the former CFO and chairman for Hong Kong based investment company Bayview Investment Group HK, LLC.

He also served on several Corporation’s Boards of Directors in Italy, Canada, China and Hong Kong, in addition to his +ONE commitment. Chris is currently a Forensic Auditor in his own private practice focusing on Offshore Investments, & Hedge Funds. He also operates his own charity Foundation title “KICK POVERTY OUT” Save the Children with emphasis on the youths in the Pan-Caribbean, Asia and Africa Region.